In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data in Article 5, the persons to whom they are requesting personal data have the right to be informed in advance so explicitly, precisely and unequivocally the existence of a file, for the purpose of collecting data of recipients of the information, the identity and address of the File and the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition.

In this regard, the Act provides that when using questionnaires or other forms for collecting data, included in the same, clearly, the above warnings.

In the case where the data have not been collected directly from the individual, it must be informed by the File Manager, within three months after registration of the data.

When the data come from publicly available sources and is intended for advertising or commercial, you will be informed at each communication of the data source, the identity of the File and of his rights.

Except for special cases, to carry out the transfer or assignment of the data must be requested prior consent.

Also, only be treated with the written consent of the affected party, sensitive data such as ideology, union affiliation, religion and beliefs, as well as racial origin, or sex life greeting.

PROTESAL SL, in File Manager, you must include the relevant clauses of information and / or consent, in any and all forms and documents that are used for the collection of personal data, and must be signed.

For each is designed a legal clause that allows compliance with the rules on the right to information and consent solicitation. The following are terms each designed for the purpose.


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